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Stanford University NYC –

Stanford University has announced that it is considering an educational center in New York City.  The facility would have 25 faculty members, 125 PHD students, and 250+ master’s degree students.  The Stanford School of Engineering and the Graduate Business School would be the primary … Continue reading

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Undergraduate Business School Job Placement –

Businessweek has an article on the best undergraduate business schools and the ways that they helped their students in the job market.  Notre Dame and Maimi University of Ohio were two schools that were mentioned in the article.  Notre Dame tapped their vast alumni … Continue reading

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College Board –

College Board is a great site for information and resources on college planning.  College Board provides information on the SAT, PSAT, AP exams, and CLEP exams.  CLEP exams can be taken in 33 college subjects and are a valuable way to earn credits.   … Continue reading

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CEO Schools –

A recent US News article looked at where Fortune 500 CEO’s received their education.  The top 3 schools were Harvard, Columbia, and the University of Pennsyvania.  The number of CEO’s from each school are 58, 21, and 20.  The 58 Harvard CEO’s include … Continue reading

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Wharton International Focus –

Wharton will be adding international courses in China, Israel, and South Africa.  The school will also be adding concentration courses in global finance and management.  The recent shift towards an international focus has already been successful at schools like Georgetown University.  … Continue reading

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